Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shall we Dance?

Life is what we make of it. Choices must be made daily.

We are all put in different situations. It is how we choose to dance this dance. The dance of life.

I am learning that complaining about things that are not in my control is useless. A good example is this blasted snow that continues to fall in April. Nothing I say will change it, so I decided to dance with my son in front of the window, watching the flakes fall.

Are your kids healthy? Be grateful. Hug them. Thank God for them. I am so happy that my boy is healthy. Yes he has his own battles, but overall he is happy and healthy.

If your kids are sick, bring them before the Lord. I keep thinking of the many children in the NICU, PICU, and other places in the hospital. Lord, be with those sweet babes. Be with their mommies and daddies. They are possibly in the darkest days of their lives, Lord give them hope.

When your spouse, family member, or friend is continuing (over and over) to do something that annoys you, take a step back and appreciate it. That's not a typo...really appreciate it. Heaven knows that if I didn't have my hubby, I would miss his little quirks.

Thank God for the cries of your baby in the middle of the night. There is a NICU filled with babies on ventilators who can't cry. There are women who are crying out to have a baby, so that they can answer their cries. There is a daddy crying somewhere, wishing to hold his baby just one more time.

Praise God if you have a healthy marriage. I can't imagine my life without the man I call my own. Through these past days, weeks, months, and years my love has grown for him. He is my gift from God. My life-long buddy.

Thank God for messy rooms, stained clothes that need washing, and the never ending dirty dishes. They are signs of a home that is lived in. A home that has love overflowing, showing that you would rather spend time loving up on your family than putting everything in it's perfect place. I'm not endorsing a messy home, but sometimes it is okay to live in the moment. Put your list of projects on hold and dance in the moment.

Kiss your husband everyday, snuggle with your kids each night, hug your family whenever possible, call and chat with your friends, and lend a listening ear to the co-worker struggling through life.

Each day is yours and mine to live.

Remember thatomorrow is not a guarantee.

Will you choose to dance in this life?

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