Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's on the calendar

The "it" being baby G's surgery. We will be going back to the University of Minnesota Children's Amplatz for his surgery on May 9. We will arrive at 12:00pm to prepare for his surgery at 2:00pm. It will be a 4 hour surgery,  and hopefully conclude around 6:00pm.

When I think about the surgery to come, I am flooded with SO many emotions.
Thankful that the surgeries will soon be over. Faith that God is sovereign, knowing He has done great things for us in the past, and we are trusting that this surgery will be no different. Fear for my baby, the kind of fear I know I shouldn't give into, yet a fear that threatens to drown me. Helplessness, realizing that my baby will again be put under and have a tube down his throat, but the only way to the other side of this journey is through the surgery.

Out of all of these emotions, the strongest is HOPE. Hope that we will get to the other side of this surgery journey, stronger because of it. Hope that we have knowing that the team of God + Dr. Guillaume = Success.

Pray with us for health for baby G, going into the surgery. This last time he had a cold so on top of everything else he had a hard time breathing because of congestion. Pray for the surgeon, for the surgery, and for a complete recovery. Pray that when all is said and done that our little boy is returned to us safely. Pray for our fears to be calmed. Pray that God will be glorified.

Mark your calendars for May 9th and join us in praying!

You are all such a blessing to our family, and we love you dearly.

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