Sunday, April 21, 2013

Celebration Weekend

God has blessed me with many wonderful birthdays over the past twenty-some years. This year definitely topped the charts. Saturday we went for a trip to the Mall of America. Jason treated me to a shopping spree. Thank you!!!! I am so focused on buying G clothes, that I hadn't went shopping for myself in a long time. Unless you count maternity clothes...which I don't. Buying big gal clothes wasn't exactly a hoot. It was G's first time to the MOA and he did AWESOME! He was born to shop! Seriously, the kid slept half the time, the other half he was looking around at all of the people and lights. Smiled the entire day!

Ready for to hit the Mall of America
Shopping takes it outta this guy!

My Haul!
Today (my actual birthday) was perfect. Woke up with G at 5:30 to feed him, which didn't even bother me because I am just so thankful that I have a baby to wake up with. I remember last year telling Jason that my wish list was a baby or a puppy. Well, I got the baby!

We spent the morning cuddling
Getting some sympathy from dad.
How cute are they? Matchy-matchy!

We went to our niece, Bethany's dedication.
Miss Bethany. Who can resist those cheeks?!
Great-Grandma Mar

Papa & Grandma Sue

Singing French to G. He should be bilingual soon!

 Took Sunday afternoon naps,

Spent the evening with my parents, Cambria & Tony.
They brought over icecream cake! YUM!!! 

I am truly blessed.

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