Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Einstein

Mornings with G. can be a little hectic. Ideally, I quietly get up at 5:30 so as not to wake the little man. I ideally would get his food ready, wash all of the bottles from the evening feedings, and get myself ready for work by 6:00. Then the little guy needs to get his meds, change his clothes, and eat. I ideally feed him, snuggle for the remaining half hour before we head off to daycare by 7:00. Ideally is the keyword here.

Most mornings don't go that smoothly. Especially if he wakes up crabby, then the morning routine needs to be tweaked a little bit. Imagine me pumping, washing dishes, and getting ready with a squirmy worm in a carrier on my chest. 

This is where Baby Einstein comes in. I found these (used) DVDs at the Just Between Friends sale this past Tuesday. (Note: if you are a mommy, you should go to these sales. Love them! But, more on that later.) My oldest niece loved Baby Einstein when she was little, so I figured I'd give them a shot! As you can see, G. loves them as well. 

Happy Baby, loves learning about animals.

Soaking up all of the information

He sat like this for 30 minutes!
With all of his new information, I can expect him to be talking soon.
Happy Friday everyone.

A special thank-you to creator of Baby Einstein!

Mothers everywhere

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