Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Legacy starts NOW

"To be raised in a family that was far from perfect. But led by a man and a woman, who knew a man who was perfect." 
-A son at his father's funeral

I am finding myself in a reflective mood today. You know, one of those deep thinking kind of days. A day where I feel like there is so much more to this life than just rushing from one thing to the next. A day when I am looking at my life and realizing what a privilege it is that God would allow us to have baby G. in our lives. He picked us to parent this sweet, albeit feisty, 3 (almost 4) month old baby boy. How blessed are we?!

My prayer is:

  • That G. would daily walk hand-in-hand with the Lord, looking first to Him for his guidance.
  • That he knows he is loved with an unconditional love. I never once doubted my parents' love for me, and I hope that is true for G.
  • That when he makes mistakes, that we are gracious towards him. All too often I see parents making fun, being harsh with their words, and making fun of their kids. It breaks my heart, and I pray that I am never one of those parents.
  • That he never questions Jason & my love for the Lord, and each other. I consider a strong marriage, where mommy and daddy love each other, to be the most essential part of raising G. Growing up is hard and I never want him to question our love for each other. 
  • That he would be able to laugh, even if it is at us or himself.
  • That I would never take a single day for granted. Sweet baby G had a somewhat rocky start, but the Lord has been faithful, and we are so grateful for all that He has brought him through.
  • That he would find a godly wife. I know that seems to far in the future, at least 40 years right? However, my parents prayed for my husband, and I am so glad they did. Jason is the love of my life, and I consider myself blessed that I get to walk through this life with him.
  • That he would love the Huskers & the Minnesota WILD. Okay, okay, I am joking, he can like whomever he wishes, but can you imagine having a little Texas Longhorn or Vancouver Canuck fan in our house? Not a pretty picture.
I could go on and on, but those are the "biggies" (with the exception of the last one). 

As we look toward his upcoming MRI and surgery that will follow, I am hit with these words of a favorite hymn of mine: "How sweet to hold a newborn baby, and feel the pride and joy he gives, but greater still, the calm assurance, this child (my sweet baby G.) can face uncertain days because HE lives."

We don't know what the future holds, but for now I know that I will hold my baby boy as much as I possibly can, tell him I love him every chance I get, and enjoy my sweet family. They are my most precious gift and I think now is a good time to start our Legacy.

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