Saturday, April 13, 2013

Praying for a Miracle

Hello friends!
In less than a week we will be taking baby G in for his 2-3 hour long MRI. I know what you are does one keep a little guy still for that long? Well, they will be having him under anesthesia during the whole procedure.

Many of you have never seen his little bump on his head so here it is.

G's Bump
I know so many of you have been praying for healing for his tethered spine and bump on his head. We are praying for a miracle at his MRI. We know that God is all powerful, and can completely heal our little boy. We also know that he works through surgeons. G's esophagus surgery would not have been as successful as it was without God, and his recovery wouldn't have been as miraculous as it was without God.

Once the MRI is done we will be kept overnight for observation, since he is still so young. The next day (April 19), we will meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss what our next steps will be.

We are ready to have the surgeries on his spine and head behind us. We ask that you would pray with us for 1. for a miracle and 2. for baby G's strength and 3. for God's peace to reign in our hearts. It is unspeakably hard to think of handing over our sweet boy for the MRI. Even harder to think about having him undergo another surgery. However, we have learned from experience that God gives us all we need, when we need it! There were times when G was in the NICU where I honestly didn't even know what or how to pray. I almost felt guilty, how can a mommy not know how to pray for her son? It was then, friends, that I could feel the power of your prayers taking over.

So stick with us on this journey! It is sure to be one we will all remember!

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