Friday, April 19, 2013

Meeting with Neurosurgeon

Our little man is doing well! We are just waiting for the discharge papers to come in. Last night was a little rougher than we thought it would be due to G's stuffy nose and sore throat from the respirator. After getting suctioned this morning, he is ALL SMILES!!! I forgot my camera cord, so I'll post pictures later.

We met with the wonderful Dr. Guillaume who will be doing his surgery. Jason and I are 100% confident in his abilities to take care of G. Both the surgery to remove the bump and tethered spine are "simple". Not for us, but for brilliant surgeons like him it will be a breeze! They do them everyday apparently. The main risk will be infection. He will not have any issues later on down the road once he recovers from the surgery.

The surgeries will take approximately half a day. He will be in the hospital for about 2 days. I had read horror stories about kids who had to lay on their tummies, completely still for a whole day after the surgery. Dr. Guillaume assured us that he could be held, fed, and roll around if he wanted to. Praise the LORD!!! Dr. Guillaume has made so many advances in the medical field that allow the recovery for these kinds of issues to be much faster.

So thank you for your prayers!!! He is going to be just fine!

The farther along this journey we get with G., the more I am learning that worry doesn't pay off! God always has His mighty hand on him and we are seeing visible evidence day after day after day.

So were there any amazing miracle-type happenings? Probably none that the typical person would see. We look for the untypical things...and perhaps the miracle is that we have Dr. Guillaume here to operate on G. After all, the man has been in Oregon, Australia, Wisconsin, and other areas. He just happens to be at U of M Amplatz hospital for just a time as this.

God is Great! ALL the time!

P.S. His weight is 12 lbs 1 oz some of that is the food he just ate, but he is getting big!!! Yay for chubby thighs!

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