Thursday, April 18, 2013

MRI is a thing of the past!

As I type this, I am sitting in a very large, hi-tech, gorgeous room in the University of Minnesota Children's Amplatz hospital. The view is unfortunately very snowy right now, which makes us thankful that our night will be spent safely tucked away in the hospital.

Baby G has again has shown that he is a fighter!

He did so well with not being able to eat before the MRI, which was a God thing no doubt! I don't think I have ever seen him so calm, especially when he should have been screaming in hunger! So thank you all for your prayers! God heard you!

The MRI went great. He was pretty out of it when he came to. It actually reminded me of my experience being put under for having my wisdom teeth extracted! If you want a laugh, just ask Jason about it...they apparently had to sit on me at one point. Unfortunately, that is not a lie. This isn't about me though, so moving right along! :)
The poor little guy had to have a respirator put down his little throat during the MRI so that he would be extremely steady for the best quality pictures. He is quite raspy and is crying more from his irritated throat. He has always had a more "barky" cough, along with some strange grunting noises which seemed to be worsened thanks to the respirator. We are so used to the noises that they are just a part of who G. is. The nurses were all a little freaked out by the sounds, but we were told it is just because of his esophagus repair. However, we are going to get it checked out to make sure that there is nothing more to be concerned about.
We already got a quick preview of the MRI scans, and it looks like nothing has changed which is great! I'll admit that I was hoping for an answer more along the lines of "There is not tether...we were wrong". Sadly, not the case.
There is slightly more fluid in the spinal column, but not much more than usual. Because of the slightly elevated fluid, they are wanting to have the surgery done within this month. After talking with the assistant to the surgeon, it sounds like it is a fairly straight-forward procedure. We will meet with the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Guillaume, tomorrow morning to get a plan set in place.
Praying for a quick recovery for baby G, and that the surgery in the future goes well! Thank heavens for good hospitals with great staff!
Mom & dad are doing well. Thankful that their little boy is alright, and ready to get back home.
Rest well tonight friends!

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