Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life according to the iphone

While life seems to fly by without warning, my trusty iphone is there to help capture some sweet moments in our lives.

1. Happy in Grandpa's arms (day before surgery)   2. Snack time    3. Sharpie mugs    4. Day off with my babe    5. Standing man    6. Soaking up all of the cuddle moments - before I know it, he will be too big to cuddle.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A game of Chase

Gavin's latest craze is chasing daddy around, and around, and around...and AROUND our island in the kitchen. We got a quick clip of it, and I had to share!

Look out world - he is fixin' to be a runner soon!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mental Leap?

Before I dive into all things Gavin, I just wanted to thank all of you who prayed for my dad. His surgery couldn't have gone better, he is recovering at home, and doing everything the nurses tell him to. Once his 4-6 weeks of recovery are up, I am willing to bet that he will be even more energetic than before the surgery. It may sound cliche, but God is so good and I am so thankful for the fact that they caught the blockage before it led to a heart attack, and that everything has gone so well!

On to the mental leap that I believe Gavin is in the midst of. Being a preemie, he is smaller than most 13-month olds (0% for height and weight), as well as a little behind on his milestones. I tell everyone who worries about his development (myself included) that he does things on "Gavin time". This weekend, he decided to start consistently drinking out of his sippy cup whenever he was thirsty, self-feeding more than ever before (with less gagging), army crawling!, chatting up a storm, standing by himself for 4 seconds, and the kid doesn't like to be still. If he is on your lap he will be searching for your pointer fingers so he can grab hold and go for a walk. I am thinking my back could use a good re-alignment.
Lookin good in Uncle Tony's Carhart hat

Hugs for Puppy
Snack time

He is also in the process of manufacturing tooth #5, and has taken to grinding his other four teeth. Any tips on stopping that? The sound is awful, and he has managed to take a small chip out of one of is cute uppers. I have to admit that the mischievous look he gives when he does it is pretty adorable.

I am feeling so blessed that my work has agreed to adjust my schedule a bit, allowing me to have Wednesdays off! A day for just Gavin & me. That means all appointments, projects, and other things I put off until "later", will have a day all for themselves. Couldn't be happier!

Monday is off to a great start, can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds for us!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dad's surgery

I am typing this while we are on the road. Mom and dad have gone to the hospital and surgery will be in a matter of 3-4 hrs. It will last between 4 and 6 hrs. They will do 3 bypasses. Please pray they can find the perfect veins to replace the blocked ones. Pray for the surgeon (dr. Dyke). We are seeing God's fingerprints all over. So far on our car ride the song "healer" had played, then Chris Tomlin's song that talks about "I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind- the God of Angel ARMIES is by my side!", the next one was "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" (my daddy's favorite).

We are confident that The Lord is ready to work miracles today, just like He always has. Pray for my dad's heart-it is strong! Just needs some tune-ups. Thank The Lord for my aunt and uncle Bohling who made the trip, my uncle had major heart surgery a few years ago and is a wonderful man to have by our side.

Pray for my mom. Pray for strength and she sees her husband weak, so he can become stronger. Pray for is daughters, that we can be a support system for them.

I will update as soon as we know what is going on.

Clinging to the Healer today.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


My sweet friend challenged me yesterday to choose a word that I want to focus on for 2014. It was a toss up between "Brave" and "Bold". Then I thought what I really want is to be fearLESS. To fear LESS, to trust the Lord more. God's timing is amazing, because not an hour later I got a call from my parents stating that my dad's stress test showed some "stuff" and that he would be having an angiogram done the next morning.

This morning they called and said that the angiogram revealed significant blockage. FEARLESS. How do you stay fearless when the toughest guy you know is in a vulnerable state? My daddy. They will be performing a triple bypass surgery on Monday morning. FEARLESS. How can I be fearless??? HOW?

Well my friends, the Lord is the answer. Many prayers have been said for my dad, for my mom, and for our family. Prayers that cover our worries and our fears. I cannot - I will not give into fear. Do I still have concern? Of course! It's my dad - the man who's hands held my hands as a girl, who took time to rock me after long days in the field, and danced with me on our wedding day. I have concern  -  but not fear. I know who holds my dad and my mom. He is the same Lord who worked miracles on Gavin. He holds the stars and speaks quietly into our hearts. He is in both the small and the big things.

This year I will live fearLESSly. Starting with my dad's surgery on Monday.

Will you pray for him with me? For he is the best father and grandpa we could ask for, and is already excited to see what the Lord has in store for him in the hospital. If you know him, you know that he loves to share the love of the Lord with all who will listen, and this Monday will be no different!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas continues

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with Jason's family. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws! All had a great time - see for yourself!
Note: Gavin has a bit of a cold and is teething, so he wasn't his usual smiley self.

1. Little man with his shirt and reindeer visor from auntie Amanda    2. Cousins in their Christmas attire   3. The littles     4. Photo shoot is done    5. The return of ET - he has been passed back and forth between us and Cambria & Tony - Gavin was gifted this little alien    6. Grandma Sue, Gavin, & the dolly - thanks for letting him play with it, Bethany!    7 & 8. Papa Brian and his littles

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bring on 2014!

With 2013 behind us and 2014 in front, we are feeling so blessed! This year I don't have "resolutions" - but I do want to continue searching out all that God has for us. Rather than focusing on all of my downfalls last year (there were many), I am choosing to focus on the blessings of last year - and praying that the Lord will bless us this year in new and exciting ways!

1. Not a fan of the party hat    2. Perfect way to spend the last hours in 2013 - my best friend by me, my son in my arms, a movie, and Chinese food (tradition from NICU)    3. He warmed up to the NYE head band    4. Happy New Year folks!!!! Doesn't he look chubby? He NEVER looks chubby - yay for whole milk!

2013 was a wild ride, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store this year!

Christmas re-cap

We are blessed to have 3 different celebration times this year. The first was the typical Christmas Day, the next will be today - New Years Day, and the last will be with my family starting on January 3. I have to admit I kind of enjoy spreading out the family get togethers.
Christmas Eve Day:

1. Playing to start the day with mommy   2. A last minute shopping trip to Target (my dad would be proud) - nothing like shopping on the 24th    3. Wrapping said presents bought at Target   4. Dressed up for Christmas Eve service   5. Making friends with Snoopy    6. Family Shot   7. Trying to dismantle the Christmas tree before bed.

Christmas Day:

1. Good morning sleepy head!    2. Our little Hero    3.   Mommy bought a hat - it was a tad bit to small    4. Playing with all the toys! Daddy got some legos - don't worry, Gavin didn't get any.   5. Grandma & Grandpa time!    6. I just loved Gavin's face in this one    7. Great grandma Mar    8. Uncle Tim    9. Tuckered out - he fell asleep in 1 minute (no lie)