Thursday, January 9, 2014


My sweet friend challenged me yesterday to choose a word that I want to focus on for 2014. It was a toss up between "Brave" and "Bold". Then I thought what I really want is to be fearLESS. To fear LESS, to trust the Lord more. God's timing is amazing, because not an hour later I got a call from my parents stating that my dad's stress test showed some "stuff" and that he would be having an angiogram done the next morning.

This morning they called and said that the angiogram revealed significant blockage. FEARLESS. How do you stay fearless when the toughest guy you know is in a vulnerable state? My daddy. They will be performing a triple bypass surgery on Monday morning. FEARLESS. How can I be fearless??? HOW?

Well my friends, the Lord is the answer. Many prayers have been said for my dad, for my mom, and for our family. Prayers that cover our worries and our fears. I cannot - I will not give into fear. Do I still have concern? Of course! It's my dad - the man who's hands held my hands as a girl, who took time to rock me after long days in the field, and danced with me on our wedding day. I have concern  -  but not fear. I know who holds my dad and my mom. He is the same Lord who worked miracles on Gavin. He holds the stars and speaks quietly into our hearts. He is in both the small and the big things.

This year I will live fearLESSly. Starting with my dad's surgery on Monday.

Will you pray for him with me? For he is the best father and grandpa we could ask for, and is already excited to see what the Lord has in store for him in the hospital. If you know him, you know that he loves to share the love of the Lord with all who will listen, and this Monday will be no different!

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