Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas re-cap

We are blessed to have 3 different celebration times this year. The first was the typical Christmas Day, the next will be today - New Years Day, and the last will be with my family starting on January 3. I have to admit I kind of enjoy spreading out the family get togethers.
Christmas Eve Day:

1. Playing to start the day with mommy   2. A last minute shopping trip to Target (my dad would be proud) - nothing like shopping on the 24th    3. Wrapping said presents bought at Target   4. Dressed up for Christmas Eve service   5. Making friends with Snoopy    6. Family Shot   7. Trying to dismantle the Christmas tree before bed.

Christmas Day:

1. Good morning sleepy head!    2. Our little Hero    3.   Mommy bought a hat - it was a tad bit to small    4. Playing with all the toys! Daddy got some legos - don't worry, Gavin didn't get any.   5. Grandma & Grandpa time!    6. I just loved Gavin's face in this one    7. Great grandma Mar    8. Uncle Tim    9. Tuckered out - he fell asleep in 1 minute (no lie)

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