Friday, June 28, 2013

Midnight Dates

Yesterday I wrote about how Gavin has been sleeping through the night...well he decided he wanted some mamma snuggle time around 12:40 last night. Now normally I wouldn't put these late feedings on the top of my "favorite list".

However, I am beginning to realize that they may be coming to an end. He is growing fast, sleeping better, and playing hard during the day. While my sleep deprived body will be thankful for the rest, my mamma heart will ache to hold him.

So last night I soaked it up.

I listened to his breathing, and felt the rise and fall of his little chest on mine.

I stared at his chubby cheeks and long eyelashes.

Prayed that the feeling of his tiny fingers wrapped around mine would always be a part of my memories.

Smelled his hair, and his freshly cleaned PJs. The ones with the Whale on them. 

Lord, never let me forget these times.

For these moments are all mine. There are no distractions at 12:40am. No texts or phone calls, no urge to clean and get things done, no TV. Just me, my baby, the sound of crickets coming from his noise maker, and the moonlight shining on our faces.

While I DO enjoy sleeping all night, I will cherish my midnight dates with Gavin more. For in a short while, they will be a distant memory that lives only in my heart.

Love you baby boy!

Doesn't he look handsome in Red? It's almost football season, folks.
Husker onesie courtesy of his cousins Carla and Cassidy.

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