Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Heartbeat

My little boy is getting bigger and bigger. As the days, weeks, and months have passed, I have been overwhelmed by how my love has grown for him. I can't get over the changes I see in my baby boy. Holding him last night, I realized that his features are changing from new baby to well...bigger older baby. Profound, no?

I could just sit all day long, watching him sleep, play, and eat.

Safe in my arms.
These hands are constantly active.
Always reaching for toys, going in his tiny mouth,
holding onto his puppy, or clinging to my shirt or finger.
I have always loved his little baby hands!
His little baby mullet. I know sooner or later, I am going to
have to cut it off. For now, I'll cherish my little dude's 80s style.
Those lashes! I mean, come on!!! Why do the guys always get the good ones?
His daddy has the most beautiful, long eyelashes too!
I wear mascara to keep up with them.
I love you my baby boy, my little bit. You are everything to me!

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