Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sensitive Soul

I came across a blog a few months ago, and she has forever captured my heart. She too is a former NICU mommy, has 3 adorable kids, and a strong faith. She uses the term "Feel Deeply" and "Sensitive Soul" in her blog, and I wanted to give her credit for inspiring this post. She is very real and transparent in her blog, which is so endearing.

On that note, here is my post for the day:

I have been told my whole life that I am sensitive. Too sensitive. 
That I worry too much.
That I place too much value in others' opinion of me.
I've been called a "People Pleaser".

Much of that may be true. But it is who I am.
I have tried to change, believe me.
Tried to "buck-up" and speak my mind.

That doesn't fit me. It's not who I am.

I read into what other people say.
When someone disagrees with me, I often take their opinion to heart.
I go out of my way to avoid conflict.

I feel deeply.

There have been many times where Jason has to stop me from giving away all I own.
I see other people hurting and I want to fix it.
People feel bad for us with all we have been through with Gavin, but I see friends who are struggling to have a baby.
My heart breaks for them.
Really breaks. You know?

I am a sensitive soul.
I once cried because I accidentally poked a cow in the nose with a pitch fork, when I was trying to feed him.
Almost gave away a fishing pole to a man who had a broken one. Jason had to stop me.

I never want to hurt others.
The first time I clipped Gavin's nails, I cut his finger. I cried that night.
A girl game into the bathroom at work yesterday, sobbing. I wanted to hug her.

Some may say I am too emotional. 

I prefer to say that I am a sensitive soul.

I feel deeply

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