Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend update

Playing a little bit of catch up today. Our "new" internet was acting goofy all weekend and in order to get it fixed I would have had to wake up my sleeping husband who was cuddling with my sleeping I left it. Can you blame me? My heart melts watching those two become a tight-knit father-son duo.

So what happened since my last post? Let me first say that there are no pictures of our anniversary weekend. I did that on purpose. Jason had mentioned one time that he was tired of people having to take pictures, in order to "enjoy" the moment. So I decided to just BE and let our minds capture the moments.

Well on our anniversary we had my sister come over to watch the babe, while we snuck away to a local restaurant that we had been wanting to try. My wonderful husband surprised me with a stop at Slumberland to get a NEW MATTRESS!!! What a great anniversary gift! In one week we will be sleeping on a mattress that doesn't slope towards the middle. I'll admit, the slope helped with cuddling time, but my neck & back are going to be much happier without it.

Friday evening we got to spend time with Jason's cousin and his wife. Zach has been in the Marines for the past 5 years, and his stint is coming to an end in July. Thanks for serving our country well, Zach! We are happy to have them back in the area, and are trying to get them to buy the lot next to ours.

Saturday we had planned to take a trip to Duluth, but instead decided to stick closer to home and hit up a bunch of garage sales. We dropped the little squirt off at Grandma's house and went on our merry way. Stopped at Panera for breakfast. Found many garage sales = lots of goodies for Gavin. Ate at a Chipolte-style restaurant. Drove for quite a few miles to a "HUGE covered sale" which turned out an old musty-smelling garage packed with over-priced items from other people's garage sales. Can't get those miles back... Spent far too long in Wal-mart, failing to find a rain gauge. Went home to watch a movie. Both of us fell asleep. Nap time without a baby is a hot commodity in our home! Woke up and were itching to see our little man. Drove to get Gavin and heard all about his exciting day meeting new friends! Thanks again for watching him Grandma Sue & Auntie Amanda.

Yesterday I woke to a chatty-happy-smiley boy. Man, has he found his voice! It is getting louder each day. Did some laundry. Went to church & praised the Lord for all we have been given. Perused the aisles at Sam's Club to determine where the better deals are between Sam's Club, Target, Cub & Aldi. Went home. Watched as my husband and son sweetly napped together. Did more laundry. Sorted through Gavin's clothes. Put the too-small stuff into a bin. Sigh. Was he really that tiny? Pulled out his too-big clothes. Another sigh. Will he really be that big soon? Jason cooked a whole chicken for dinner with my parents. Chatted with them. Got to watch my them play with Gavin...warms my heart each time! Bath time with tears. Bed time for Gavin. On to Monday we went.

Here's a few of our sweetheart.

If you think you're getting that burb rag, you are mistaken.

Sweetness. Lash LOVE!

Look ma! I'm sitting up!

Gavin has staked out his corner of the couch. He ain't movin'.
P.S. We really aren't a huge camo family,
but it works to protect the couch from spit-up.

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