Monday, July 1, 2013

Past two weekends

Last weekend was indescribably wonderful. Both Jason and I agreed it felt like what we expected parenthood to be like.

We had a night out with our siblings, went to an outdoor concert/fest that night.

Saturday we had Jason's aunt, uncle, and their kids over.

Gavin got to meet his great grandpa Gene and aunt Cindy for the first time! Let me just say how much we love them!
First time meeting
Grandpa Gene is one of Gavin's greatest cheerleaders

Such a sweet woman of God - Cindy.

These two have quite the bond!

Kisses upon kisses
Saturday night we had a bonfire with Jason's uncle & aunt + their sweet neighbors.

Sunday - church, which was so uplifting! Gavin got to try rice cereal for the first time. Didn't make a total mess, but probably got more on the bib than in his tummy.

Jason FINALLY got to mow our grass. Now, normally we relax and just enjoy our Sundays. With the crazy amounts of rain and storms, this was our opportunity to get the sod mowed for the first time. It looks so great!

This past weekend, we were busy as bees. Jason helped his uncle and brother with numerous projects in his yard. Cambria and I went shopping for decorations for our house. Sunday was church. Gavin and I napped for 3 hrs while Jason did yard work. Gavin had more rice cereal and did great this time! He is getting the hang of it! I baked rhubarb crisp, did laundry, went grocery shopping and put up curtains.

We are blessed to feel "Normal".

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