Monday, July 15, 2013


Summer seems to be flying past, without so much as a warning. I thought by this time that we would have been fishing, sat on the beach by a lake, or even just sat outside to get some sun. Nope!
Life with a new baby, new house, and LOTS of changes doesn't allow for the "typical" lazy days of summer. That's alright though! We are having fun anyway!

This weekend we had bonfire with family, BBQs with high school friends, and our first bonfire in our own backyard!

Loving on his feet.

This little man is made for the outdoors!
Lounging outside during the bonfire. 
 This weekend we also found Gavin's first tooth! He has a little one coming in on his lower left side. Thankfully, he has been happy in spite of teething!
He may be tanner than his mommy.
 The highlight of the weekend was Gavin getting his first taste of baby food. He has had rice cereal already, but that doesn't have much of a taste. We were told by everyone to start with the "yucky" foods first. They tend to not eat the yucky stuff  if you start out with yummy sweet potatoes/squash.

We started with peas.....

Yes, that is is acutal reaction! I don't think I have EVER laughed so hard! Non-stop gaggy faces!

Well folks, that's a wrap!

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  1. This gag face picture made me laugh out loud! Love all these photos of my adorable nephew!