Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day

Reasons I am thankful for the U.S. of A.

Freedom to Worship. I would worship whether I was free to or not, but I am so thankful that we are able to do so, freely.

Men and Women willing to fight for that Freedom. Thankful for the wives and husbands who stay home, while their loved ones fight for us overseas.

Knowing I can tuck my baby into bed safely. Fed, clothed, and sheltered. So many mothers don't get that privilege. And it is just that - a privilege.

Clean medical facilities that saved our son, and are saving lives each minute. Special thank-you to the University of Minnesota for all you have done for our little family.

Sand under my toenails from last night's sand volleyball game.

Fireworks that will light up the sky tomorrow night.

Thankful that the song "God Bless the USA" has ALWAYS brought tears to my eyes. I remember the first time hearing it. I was sitting in my oldest sister's basement apartment, listening to the song and couldn't understand why I was crying - yet knowing my heart was touched. The pride I have for my country is unreal. Which makes me want to fall to my knees in repentance for the way our nation has turned against God. How long will we say "God Bless the USA", when in reality - we have turned our back on him. How long will we expect him to rain down mercies on us? We started out with the foundation of our nation being on Christ alone. How far we have fallen. God has been patient, and I know that we don't deserve all that we have. However, I do know that we can turn it around. It is never too late.

- Stepping down from my soap box -

Grilled hamburgers & hot dogs, s'mores & watermelon, corn on the cob, sprinklers & sparklers, lemonade & iced tea. Ok- those are mostly just fun summery things, but they also scream "4th of July".


This little dude can't contain his excitement! He's going to Grandma Carol & Grandpa Lee's tonight!

Happy (early) 4th Everyone!

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