Monday, July 15, 2013

The Fourth - Part 2 (The Zoo)

Gavin's first ever trip to the zoo was on July 6th! I am still not sure who was more excited - daddy or Gavin. Okay - probably daddy, but it was definitely more fun pushing a stroller around a zoo! We are no longer the random 4 adults wandering around the Wahpeton Zoo!

Here are some of the good ones:

Ready for the Zoo!
                                                                    Getting the Zoo Passes!
My handsome men

Gavin never got to see the barn that I grew up playing in.
I thought this was a fitting spot for a picture! Don't you love their matching hats?

I love these pictures of Gma & Gpa with Gavin! 

Gavin's got a great "Sneaky" face.

 Gavin's Sophie Giraffe came in handy to call to the Monkeys...and the otter. If you aren't familiar with a Sophie Giraffe - it is basically a baby chew toy that makes squeaking noises...very similar to the ones the monkeys were making!

Tuckered-out little boy
First trip to the Zoo was a success!

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