Monday, July 1, 2013


I love you because....
1  You love me deeply.
2  Gavin is your sidekick, and forever will be.
3 You find joy in so many things. When I don't see the good in things, you remind me to look for it.
4  When I am in "a mood", you know how to handle me.
5  You support me when I need it most, and let me have my space when you see that I need it.
6  Being Mr. Fix it brings you joy, and you do it well!
7  You are the leader of our home, both spiritually and emotionally.
8  You can cook - better than me! I love that about you. I know our kids will never go hungry, or eat canned /frozen meals.
9 You have a passion for writing and you are great at it! I hope you follow your dreams someday, and can show others your talent.
10 Lets face it - you're goooood looookin'! I love the way you look in hats. You still make my heart flutter.

You are my once in a lifetime - love.

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