Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Lately a big word in my life that I wish I could change/tackle/be done with is an ugly one -

I feel guilty for not spending enough time with Gavin.
Spending too much time with Gavin, and not enough with Jason.
I feel guilty for not cooking enough.
For not grocery shopping and coming up with healthy, organic meals.

I am guilty of not getting together with dear friends enough. Living 30 miles away has made a big impact on my relationships, and I want to change that.

Procrastination - ugh - it's another ugly word, and I am afraid it has become a part of my world. I have a number of unanswered emails, Facebook messages, and a check-list that is growing. Procrastination=Guilt for me.

I apologize for things that aren't in my control. I say "sorry" WAY more times in a day than a typical person does. Jason can attest to that - he hates it.

Now I think there is a reason that guilt comes into our minds.
When we have truly done something wrong.
However, when it creeps up in my life, it becomes consuming.
I need to learn to forgive myself, let it go, and move on.

As a mom, I think it is harder to find time for everything. So learning to prioritize what really matters is going to be key. Also, not letting procrastination get the best of me.

Here's to answering emails, messages, and getting some things checked off my list!

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