Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm nothing but a ball of crazy mama emotions today. We are at 6 days until surgery. My heart is full of so much love for this little boy, and that makes this all the more difficult.

He's my bubble-lovin' boy.

My expressive little wonder.

My peaceful sleeper.

My teeny-tiny miracle boy.

My tough medical man.

My trooper - 5 bouts with pneumonia isn't easy folks!

My innovative lad - everything can be made into a phone.

My sweet little scrub wearer.

My goofy goober.

The peanut-butter in our family sandwich.

My brilliant chap.

My adventurous laundry maker.

The very heartbeat in my soul.

My handsome hunk.

My "smile even after surgery" boy.

My life-changing miracle.

My son.
Thank you to all who continue to pray for his surgery on November 4th! Keep the prayers coming!

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