Thursday, October 9, 2014


The more I live, the more I realize that everyone has their own "hard".

...The father struggling to keep up with the ever growing demands of his wife and children.
...The daughter who lost her father. He was her hero - he always will be.
...The mother caring for her medically complex child. Day in-day out. No end, no break.
...The parents who lost their son. Why him? He was too young.
...The new mom, struggling to stay awake during nightly feeds. She can only hope to have enough energy to welcome visitors who come to see her new little one.
...The dad who regrets missing out on special moments in life, all because he was chasing the American Dream.
...The wife who clings to her lost love. Just one year ago. Running to his closet to get one last breath of his scent.
...The family, torn apart by a broken marriage. How did it come to this?
...The sister, longing for a healthy brother. Why does he seem so distant these days?
...The mama doing the parent thing on her own. What would she give for a break?
...The student who struggles each day, but one cruel peer's words make them question if all this is worth it.
...The parents who made it home from the longest hospital stay of their lives, only to feel overwhelmed beyond belief. How will they make it each day?
...The mom/wife/caregiver who fears what will happen when she is gone. Who will love on her littles like she does? Who will be the cheerleader for her husband? Can cancer be so cruel?
...The girl wondering if love will ever find her, or if it will only continue to find others around her.
...The one who by all appearances has it all together, while inside lies only broken pieces and broken dreams.

You see - we all have our own "hard". Don't believe me? Just look at your family. Your friends. Really look at them - really SEE them.

With outstretched arms, extend GRACE. Open up your hands and let love flow. Speak uplifting words, and always - ALWAYS know that God is in control of your "hard". He sees you in your need, and He isn't about to let go.
Rest in that. Some days it is all we have.


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    1. You are so sweet, Fawn! That blog of yours is awesome! Been looking for a new read - I've found one now!