Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Well I never...

Before becoming a mom, I was full of all kinds of advice & tons of "my kid will never" statements. Well my friends, things have changed a bit. See for yourselves... kid will NEVER eat mac'n'cheese from a box. Who does that mom think she is? Cook something nutritious for your kid! 
Truth is - Gavin eats mac'n'cheese from a box more times than I would like to admit. I'll be honest, at the end of a long day at work, we come home weary from the day & driving, and Gavin needs to eat right away - mac'n'cheese to the rescue! Plus it is one of the "safe foods" that he doesn't get stuck in his throat. Win-win!

...don't let your marriage fall through the cracks. 
Truth is - we are always working on it, but some days it takes a backseat to Gavin's needs. It isn't something we tried to do, it just happened. We are getting back on track, but scheduling time - making a set night your "date night" has been successful. Sometimes (ok...last night), I just wanted to veg out and watch TV. Thankfully I have a rock-solid husband who knows that those nights are important, so we sat down for date night. Guess what - I loved it! kid will NEVER go out in public in mis-matched clothes.
Truth is - we have gone out in puked on/mis-matched/too-small clothes a few times. Now, I love dressing Gavin up so you won't see this all the time - but it does happen. So don't judge those kids. Mama is doing her best!

...don't let yourself go.
Truth is - while I haven't "let myself go", I have certainly let go of some previously important rituals. My nails are currently 1/2 chipped, my hands are cracking from hand washing, and most days my hair is "good enough". kid will NEVER throw a fit in public.
Truth is - happens every time we try to leave the park. Nuff said.

...don't let the kid change you.
Truth is - Gavin has changed me in beautiful ways I could never have imagined. I am so grateful that the Lord saw me fit to be his mother. I didn't know that God could use your own kid to minister to your soul, but he has. Never did I think that I could love a little person so much. He and his daddy are my motivators. They are my world.

Bottom line - next time you are ready & set to judge a mama, remind yourself that she is doing her best. We don't know what is going on at home and we don't know how their day has unfolded.

So just show grace, and maybe even a smile.

Saw this sweet video today and I couldn't help but think of ALL mamas.


  1. Every mother who has ever lived has had to eat the words "my kids will never". It is part of the rights of passage to motherhood and even when they are all grown up - they still surprise you in so many wonderful ways with the things that you thought your kid would never do! Hang in there - you are a great mom!

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who is going through this! Thanks for the encouragement!!!