Saturday, October 18, 2014

The List

I woke up this morning with my little guy on my mind. Mostly because he was in the other room - ready to be up for the morning. The other reason was a phone call from the Geneticist yesterday. Many of you know Gavin has an "extra variable" on his first chromosome. In order to know if it would be a future problem, Jason and I got tested. Turns out, I am the carrier of the "extra variable" too. In simple terms it means that we are both a little extra awesome. This variable has nothing to do with the "problem list" that Gavin has had to endure. It is just a part of our genetic make-up...lots of people have this extra variable, so maybe we aren't the only extra special ones out there.

That got me thinking of his problem list. Which got me thinking of the ways God has provided. Out of that, I felt the need to praise the Lord with you all. So here goes - his "problem list" and the huge ANSWERS that God has given us!

"Problem List:"
Premature baby. He is still on the small side (5%), but he is growing, and excelling intellectually.
Esphagus not attached to Stomach. Repaired on day of life two. Besides needing to cut his food up very small, he is doing well!!!
Ineffective Thermoregulation. He doesn't have this problem anymore! 
Congenital Anomaly of Spine. Will be repaired on November 4th! Prayers for this!!!
Scalp Cyst. (Spina Bifida). Removed the cyst with a successful surgery! Follow-up MRI March 2015 to see if the hole in Gavin's skull has closed - prayers for that too!
Heart Murmur. Ruled out any structural problems in July of this year. Should grow out of this.
Congenital Anomaly of Ear. Nothing needs to be done with it - just adds to his cuteness.
Port-wine Birthmark on left leg. Ruled out any vein anomalies. Besides being asked frequently if it is a rash, it is doing great!
Tethered Spinal Cord. Cord released May 2013. Doing great! There is still fluid on the spine, but we are praying that it will go away on its own! Follow-up MRI March 2015.
Urinary Tract Infection. Had one during NICU stay, no more since!
Seizures. He is off his seizure meds, and we are praying he stays seizure free!
Multiple bouts of Pneumonia. God was with him each time. It was never easy, but he was such a strong kid. Praying this winter is pneumonia FREE!
Acid Reflux Disease (GERD). Still has a very acidic stomach, but for the most part tolerates it well! When he was very tiny the reflux was so severe it caused heart rate drops. Now he will throw up sometimes, and have hiccups. Overall - doing well!

From this: December 16, 2012

To this: October 18, 2014

Praising the Lord today!


  1. praising the Lord with you my friend. what a strong little boy and beautiful mamma!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And for praising the Lord with us!