Thursday, August 29, 2013

What if...

Somedays I have lots of "what if" moments.
Today is one such day.

Some what ifs are hard,
while others are inspiring.

What if

I was happy for my best friend's opportunity to move to California for work,
instead of being deeply saddened.

Thrilled that she gets to travel,
and bless many sweet home health patients with her love and care.

What if
this life was meant to be cherished? Each moment.
Not just the BIG "important" moments - but also the simple ones.
I think that is how it should be. Right?
What if
we make great strides - like little Gavin sitting up (assisted by his Boppy pillow).
and then decide - man, this is harder than I thought. I think I'll take a break!
To smell the roses - or in his case...stare at the wall. :)

What if
We make time to be silly?
(Think I'm ready for my bid debut with the bearded men
 on Duck Dynasty!)

Gavin liked my look so much that he
had to see how he would look as a brunette. 
I think we like him just as he is!
What if
life is was meant to be lived
Not saving up for another day...
we aren't promised those next days.

As the writer of "a holy experience" put it - 
"Saving yourself up isn't how the saved are meant to live. GO FOR BROKE".

What if you went for broke?