Monday, August 19, 2013

Another MRI down - one more to go...

This past Friday I took my sweet little Gav to the Dr. for another MRI. Thank heavens for my parents being able to join us, as Jason was unable to get off of work. The day really was a whirlwind, and jam-packed with emotions (even though I think I did a good job being "brave").

In a nutshell (via iphone pics):

Before the MRI - snuggling with his Grandma. Doesn't he look SO big!?

After his MRI, yes that is a smile behind his oxygen mask! 
This boy is the bravest little boy I know! Daily, I am reminded of God's faithfulness to him!

One of the medicines that they gave him to clear up his congestion turned his face so red. His face is puffy from the IV fluids. The electrodes on his chest were new to me - apparently that is the kind they always use during MRIs? I don't remember them from previous MRIs, but either way, I took to calling him my little Iron Man, for more than one reason. He is tough!

We met with Dr. Guillaume (neurosurgeon) after the MRI. He explained that there is still fluid in his spinal cord. The amount hasn't increased, but it also hasn't gone down which is what they would like it to do. There is still a gap in his skull that was there before, and we knew it would still not be shut yet. Both of those things will be re-evaluated in 6 months with another MRI. His cord stayed untethered and looks perfect - which is HUGE! For now we pray. Pray for complete healing for Gavin.

He is absolutely - without a doubt - EXACTLY the way he should be. All of these things were orchestrated by our Heavenly Father, even before we knew we wanted a baby, before Jason and I met, and well before either of us were born. From his tiny toes, to the tip of his nose - PERFECTION.

Can't argue with that - just check out those legs! See---Iron Man! Am I right?
They did an MRI on his left leg to ensure that there weren't any vein anomalies under his port wine stain.

Thankfully, the veins were all normal!

If you have time - add Gavin's COMPLETE healing to your prayer list. We know that God is in control, and that in HIS time, he will be healed!

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