Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Innocence

Jason & I were unexpectedly blessed on our walk last night. On our way back from the park, two little girls (sisters) were playing with their puppy in some tall weeds off the trail. The dog ran up to us and thus began the sweetest conversation I have had in many moons.

Oldest girl (OG): He is SOOOOO cute!
Me: Thank you.
OG: Why do you think he is so cute?
Me: I don't know, why do you think he is?
OG: Maybe because he has blue eyes like me?
Me: Maybe.
OG: I think he is going to be an inventor when he grows up!
Me: Really? Why do you think that?
OG: Because he has blue eyes like me, and I want to be an inventor. Plus, I think he is reading my mind!

SO Sweet!

Youngest Girl (YG):  <Giggles> Is he (Gavin) farting?
Me: No, he has a cold an sometimes makes funny noises.
YG: Why does he have a cold?
Me: He picked it up from some other kids at daycare.
YG: Why?
Me: Same reason you or I would get a cold.
YG: My sister pooped on my mom.
Me: Oh my!
YG: Well not when she was a baby. When I was in my mommy's belly, I pooped and peed in her belly, that is why I had to come out, so they could clean her belly.
Me: Sounds about right! ;)
Gavin: <Smiles at the girls bashfully>
Me: Are you flirting, Gavin?
YG: What is flirting?

Hahaha. Kids are THEE best!!!

Here is a quick video of mine, he wanted to send a get well video to his Grandma who has an infected tooth. :(

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