Friday, August 2, 2013

Dearest Gavin

My sweet one-toothed boy.
You came into this world as a little 4lb 8oz baby boy.
So unbelievably tiny, with a fighter instinct.
A miracle from the Lord.

The first months of parenthood were survival mode.
Even if you would have been perfectly healthy, we would still have worried about you.
I didn't really let myself day dream about your future - about the boy you would someday be.
I feared losing you.

Now that you have been in our lives for over 7 months (15 months if you count in utero),
I find myself dreaming of the days ahead.
Will you like trucks? Are you going to be adventurous or more of a timid soul?
Can I expect to find froggies, worms, and rocks in your pockets?

Right now your favorite things to play with are your toes, hands, and your puppy.
You chew on anything you can get your chubby little fingers on.
When you are fussy, we step outside in the Minnesota air and you are instantly calm.
No doubt you will find joy in the great outdoors like your daddy!

I hope you take after him. He is so sweet with you.
Some days I wish I could bottle up the little snippets of time that you spend with him.
He has a voice that he uses only with you. His shushes are a calming force for you.
I found out from your Grandma that daddy had a stubborn streak when he was little, and that comes out in you sometimes. (Mostly when your bottle is taken away.)

You love your daycare lady, Nikki.
All of the kiddos at daycare are so in love with you, and call you "baby Gavin"
They cheered you on when you rolled over for them.
For some reason you save your #2 diapers for her - bless her heart!

When you see your bottle, spoon, or medicine syringe your tongue starts going.
You sweetly fold your hands when we feed you from your bottle.
When you get solid foods you instantly grab for the spoon.
There is no doubt that your favorite activity is eating!
That is just another sign of God's provisions for us. The Docs and nurses warned us about the potential problems with eating, but you have been an absolute champ!

Your eyes pop when you wear blue.
Right now you have a better tan than your mommy!
That little bottom tooth shows when you smile, and it is the sweetest thing!

You are able to roll better from your tummy to your back. Waiting on back to tummy.
As of last week you started to bear weight on your legs.
With a little help you can sit up on your own for a few seconds.
Daddy thought you were going to say "Da-da" last night - didn't happen because you are working on Ma-ma first. Right?

All of that said, the time is simply flying by too fast for my liking!
Before we know it you'll be smashing into your 1 year old birthday cake!
I don't know what the future holds for our little family of three,
but I do know that you have forever changed me - my little Gavin.
You have a smile that stops me in my tracks,
and when you get excited your whole body wiggles.

Don't ever forget that your mommy loves you deeply.
My dreams for you pail in comparison to what God has planned for you.
Trust in Him all of your days!

I love you - my darling boy,


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