Monday, August 12, 2013

Gavin's EEG

Thank you for the prayers for Gavin's EEG. It was last week (Tuesday). I was hoping for good results, if I'm honest - I feared that we would hear bad ones.

God was in it from the beginning, just as He always has been. We had a good meeting with the Dr. before the EEG. He found Gavin to be very healthy and as far as preemies go, right on track! The EEG tech arrived to take in for the test and she prepared us for the crying. She said they strap the babies down to a papoose board, swaddle them and scrub their head where the electrodes connect to, kids usually scream, fall asleep - most parents have to leave the room.

Our little Gavin was a trooper! He didn't cry - not even once.

He even went to sleep so they could get his brain sleep patterns.
Side-note, he may make a good mummy for Halloween!

After his EEG we had to wait for our meeting with the dermatologist. They wanted to check on his port wine stain on his leg. It has really lightened up a lot in the last 8 months. To officially "dismiss" us, they want to do an MRI to ensure that there are no vein anomalies under the skin.

Here he is, waiting for his Derm appointment. Hair style, courtesy of EEG tech.
The next day we got a call from the neurologist. Gavin's brain scan showed NORMAL brain activity! I was beyond excited - a GREAT report!!! The cause of seizures is still unknown, but we know that it isn't one of the "bad" causes. For now, he is on seizure medication and we will re-evaluate in a year!

Isn't God good?

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