Saturday, April 26, 2014

Legacy Bracelet

This post should have been done about a year ago. A lot of you who know me, know how much this bracelet means to me. It was gifted by a sweet friend, Amy Skogerboe, while we were still in the NICU. She has an amazing ability to make "Legacy Bracelets" - a reminder of where we have come from.

I wear mine EVERY time we come to the hospital - even if it for just a small procedure. It is a visible reminder that God was with us through everything with Gavin, and He will continue to be with us in the days ahead.
 Each time we come to the hospital, at least 4 people comment on how wonderful my bracelet is. I am able to share Gavin's story with them and most often, they always want to know where I got it! They know so many families who would love a bracelet. Even the surgeons have commented on them - men don't usually notice things like that, but it grabs their attention too!
How adorable, right?

I rarely turn the pictures in towards my wrist, but if I do - there is a super cute pattern on the inside. I don't know the exact process, but each block is wood, and the pattern is made of fabric. SO COOL!

 Oh - and did I mention it is a great toy for Gavin to play with when he needs extra distraction? They are durable!!

We have come a long way, baby! If I ever need reminding I look at my bracelet with my little 4lb 8oz baby on it.
Oh - and it's not just for medical parents! They are great for Mothers' Day gifts for moms, for grandmothers, or just because! I could also see them being an amazing gift for someone who lost a loved one.

Go check out their website! Legacy Bracelets

*Legacy Bracelets did not ask me to write this, I just had to share because I can't thank them enough for sharing this amazing gift with me!

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