Monday, April 14, 2014


Spring showed up in a big way this past week. However, rumor has it that spring will be hiding for cover as we get some snow in a couple of days, but that won't stop me from sharing our adventures in the great Minnesota spring air!

There is something therapeutic about walks. I honestly don't even think about the physical benefits when I walk, although heaven knows they don't hurt. At the risk of sounding like a woodland hippie, I will spare you the "I just love being in nature" line - but really - I LOVE being out in nature. There is no building that can mimic God's creation, no sound recorded by man that can match a robin singing, and no smell quite like spring has ever been made by man (although the smells from the cows across the street leave something to be desired).

It's spring, folks - and this is why I love it:

Obsession with putting on last season's hats.

Mornings with Grandma

Cabin fever? No - just excited to be OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Isn't he handsome? Garsh...I think so! Garsh - really? Yep.

Again - the thrill of putting things on your head!
Never gets old, am I right?

Torn between the Huskers and the Bison.
OK, not torn - just has two options. GO BIG RED!

Swing, swing.

This look right here folks is why I love having a boy!

Happy to be out of the house!

Finally - GRASS!

Soaking up the rays. 

Fresh out of the tub.

A little extra CHEESE please!
As you can tell, we haven't done much out of the house besides walking to the park. Trying to keep Gavin healthy for his test (pH probe) on April 25th. Prayers are appreciated, for continued health and continued patience. Yesterday after a long (cold) weekend couped up in the house Gavin walked to the door and kept saying "buhbye? buhbye? buhbye?!!!!"

Hang on buddy, not too much longer and spring will return!

Health update: Gavin is doing great! We do nebulizers morning and night to help with any respiratory issues. The surgeon who repaired his TE Fistula when he was born looked at his swallow study and determined that he needs to have his esophagus dilated (stretched), so we will be heading in for that on 4/16/14. Prayers are welcome! Other than that, he is just peachy - and always ready to go "buhbye!"

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