Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nothing deep

I have tried to think of something "deep" to share. Something that reflects this Easter weekend, but it's just not coming. Maybe it doesn't have to be deep - maybe it is just the simple, yet AMAZING fact that we have a Savior. A Savior who died, was buried, and rose for US! For our sins. The weight of the world's sins - past. present. future. are wiped clean for those of us who trust in Him.

It is reason to celebrate! Reason to be thankful! Hope for our future - peace for today!

Pre-esophagus dilation. 

Rosy cheeks! Happy boy!
The dilation went great, he shouldn't need it done again!

April 17th snow DUMP!
We got 14 1/2 inches at our house.
Gavin's favorite - BATHTIME!

Happy boy at daycare! We love our Nikki!
Our little boy is growing up! Doesn't he look old?

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