Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life according to the iPhone

Turns out having a nice big cup of coffee at 9:00 has more of an effect on me than it used to. Wide.a.wake.

What a great time to bring you all up to date on our lives!?

As you know, Gavin had a pH probe test done. Over a 24 hour period he had 73 "episodes" (hiccups/gagging/coughing/vomiting) and 50% of those episodes were high in the esophagus. Gavin's GI doctor also said that his stomach is VERY acidic - poor kid didn't stand a chance with his genetic make-up!!! The plan for now is to control the acid with Prevacid, and help lessen the reflux by not feeding him after 6:30 at night. Our hope is to prevent any aspiration that could have been causing his pneumonias.

We also had been treating Gavin for allergies to soy and dairy. After a "scratch" test, we found out that the blood test gave us a false positive - which means NO allergies! Such great news!

So for now, we pray that he stays healthy and will re-evaluate in 6 weeks. We also will be having an EKG done to rule out a heart murmur that he had when he was in the NICU. It hasn't ever been an issue, but his pediatrician thought it would be a good idea to get it checked out one last time, since he had such a hard winter.

Life has been busy - I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Patiently waiting for the Dr. - why not play with mama's mascara?

Typical guy

First wagon ride in the hospital! No quarantine this time!
The therapy dogs made a visit to our room. He LOVES dogs!

He sleeps like this - every night!

Cousins - impossible to get a good picture of both!

Allergy test - NEGATIVE!!!!
Pillows from Preston sent Gavin four pillows for any future hospital stays!
Such a sweet organization!

My first date with Gavin - how cute is he!?

Our good friends were our dates to the MN Ballet
Thanks to HopeKids for the great tickets!

Chipotle after the ballet - best buds!

Who me? Handsome? Why yes - I am!

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