Friday, October 11, 2013

Parenting Bootcamp

Our church is doing a sermon series titled "Parenting Bootcamp". For new parents, we haven't really thought much past dirty diapers, feedings, and getting tons of playtime in during our week.

This series got me thinking on the future. How do we want to raise Gavin? What do we want to be the main focus of our parenting? The obvious answer is God. We want to raise him to know HIM. Our prayer is that when Gavin is outside of our home, that we have equipped him with enough knowledge and wisdom to handle himself like a godly man.

We also learned that parenting is transitional. While Gavin is young, his thoughts are concrete - black or white. But as he gets older he will begin to challenge what we say, and we can't blame him for that, his thinking will be more abstract. Why mommy? How come? I don't believe that! - and so it goes. The point is - we will have to adjust our parenting as our children grow. Just when we think we master one stage of life, they are onto the next.

Ah, the beauty of parenting!

An obvious tip that our pastor brought up was that "Yell" parenting NEVER works. I see it all the time, whether it is at Target, the park, or even in others' homes. Parents yelling at their kids to "Stop it", "don't do that", "NO!!!". This does not work. Kids spirits are so sensitive, and they also need to know why. Why is touching the hot oven a "NO"? We may know the reasons of "NO", but we need to explain them to our children. Also, yelling at your spouse crushes the spirit of our child. Whether they show it or not, it does. Thankfully Jason and I were both raised in godly homes where yelling just simply didn't happen. Our home is a yell-free space, and we pray it always is!
New besties - JJ & Gavin
With Christmas time coming rather quickly, we also have been thinking on how we want to handle gifts. I am smart enough to know how I personally operate - that is I. However, this year money is a little tight. (Which is JUST fine - we don't need anything). Every year we have a "gift list" a mile long. I am not trying to be the Grinch here, but I also feel it has got WAY out of hand! Right now we are tossing around an idea that my co-worker shared with me - Three gifts for each kid. It ties back to the three gifts the WiseMen brought Jesus. Plus it keeps me from going nuts at Target!
Watching the WILD with daddy
Bottom line is this. Gavin won't look back on his life and say "man - I really wish I would have got _______", or "if only we went to Disney World - then, THEN my life would have been complete". No! - he will remember the experiences he gets with his family. He will remember the times that mommy & daddy took to play with him, take him to the park, or just listened to him talk about his day. He doesn't need every newest gadget out there - Hello?! kids put the iPad down and ENGAGE in conversation. Side note: Parents -our lack of focus/engaging due to technology/TV/Facebook/Twitter is breeding an ugly generation. Where do you think they learn it from. They don't want to see the tops of your head - they need to look at you in the eyes. Am I the only one?
Goofing off. Duck Dynasty style.
Let us be the parents who create memories - not provide momentary satisfaction through things. Those things will break, get lost, and be outdated. Spend time, say "YES!", and LOVE well.

Happy weekend friends!

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