Thursday, October 10, 2013

Food for thought

One of the speakers I enjoy listening to is Ben Stewart with Breakaway Ministries, on the campus of Texas A&M. I first heard him at Passion 2011 and have enjoyed listening to his podcast online.

The most recent one I listened to was about Surviving the Wilderness, when things don't go how you think they should have. One of his key points was regarding complaining - being a cry-cry. He says "for us to complain shows contempt for our Maker." Ouch - that stings doesn't it? The common response to that statement is "I am not complaining about God - I am just not happy with this person, or that circumstance, or this ________."

He noted that when we complain, it is comparable to having a guest over for dinner and when they sit down to eat the beautiful meal you prepared (slaved over) for them they say "That smells dis-gusting, that is horr-endous -Yuck!" You sit there obviously hurt as they go on to say, "well I didn't mean that to offend you..." Ummm - "I MADE IT!"

See the point?

That is on a small scale what it is like to complain about our circumstances. I think I will benefit from remembering this - complaining about my circumstances is criticizing God.
Put a smile on that face!

food for thought.

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