Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Imperfect is good enough.

I meant to post this a week ago - Oops!

This weekend we had grandiose ideas of how we would spend our 2 days at home.

Friday we planned to spend the night doing a full James Bond marathon - while munching on popcorn and cuddling.

Saturday morning we planned to do family pictures with the warm sun shining on our faces, and fall colors surrounding us. Later, Jason was to go play Frisbee golf with his guys, and I was to head to a Tupperware party, Gavin in tow. Saturday afternoon was to be packed with fall fun! Apple Jack's orchard was the spot - and fun was on the agenda.

Sunday is our family day. We always go to the early service at church, so I can serve in the preschool room. Then Sunday afternoon was nap time! Yay for the weekend right!?

Not so sure about the piggies
Well - this is where I level with you. Friday night James Bond marathon ended up with me falling asleep on Jason's shoulder (drooling included) about 20 minutes into the movie. We were in bed by 10. Yes, 10:00pm folks! We are officially old, tired parents.

Saturday morning's pictures went swimmingly (thanks Cambria), but the sun refused to break through the clouds and it was cold! I missed the Tupperware party because I lost track of time - sorry Deb! And our picture- perfect day at the apple orchard was more like snap a few pictures, check out how EXPENSIVE it was to actually buy these apples from the apple orchard (for the record $55 for 1/2 a bushel is too much), then run back to our car 15 minutes into our adventure because it was raining and COLD!

Oh - and I bumped Gavin's head on a shelf while we were shopping - first mommy inflicted injury (besides nail trimming mishap). Thankfully he has daddy's skin and didn't even bruise! See - imperfect!

Love seeing my boy on a hay bale!
Sunday Gavin woke up with such a bad cough and stayed home with daddy, while I worked in the preschool room at church. Sunday nap day ended up with Gavin being more awake than I have ever seen him. He slept for 1/2 hour and then talked the rest.of.the.day! LOVE! I'll go without sleep if it means having a happy energetic boy!
Petting Mr. Goat
Now - before you think I am upset about any of this, let me set you straight. MY plans were the ideal weekend, but life isn't always ideal. It is what you do with the imperfections in life, and how you turn them around.

Our weekend maybe wasn't a picture-perfect fall weekend that I had planned, but life is so much more than planning. It is about living life - rain or sun, apples or no apples, nap or no nap.
The Wheels on the Bus go-----
Thank you Jesus, for loving us in our imperfection!

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