Friday, May 31, 2013

Picture overload

As promised, here are pictures of our moving day, Gavin meeting his Auntie Erin, and a few other randoms.
Gavin practicing his preaching skills on Grandpa.
Gavin's First Home
All packed up and ready to go.
The bain of my existence 
 A little (quick) story on this lamp. This lamp was Jason's favorite lamp to read by in bed. It went with him to college, to our first apartment, and to our town home. The lamp's journey ended last Saturday at the door of our new home. Matching bedside lamps, here we come!

To be fair, we had a trash can that I picked out that was the bain of Jason's existence, the kind with the pedal and flip lid. Let's just say Jason went to war with it every time the trash needed to be taken out. It would get stuck on the rim, tear the bag, and make a mess. It too, ended it's journey at our new home's door step, or rather the dumpster...

Okay, onto more fun pictures.

Gavin's "Auntie" Erin holding him for the first time EVER!
So happy Erin is back from Georgia!
We missed her so much!
Gavin's face in this pic makes me giggle.
I think he was awe-struck by the beautiful Kayla! 
Someone has found his fingers, and they now trump his pacifier.
My sweet sister-in-law, Amanda, and her kiddos came over to our place to wait for the
washer/dryer delivery man. I came home to my first "flowers" in our new home!
Thanks Robert & Riley!
Pretty much sums up the exhausting, crazy, wonderful life we have right now.
 Sorry for the over abundance of pictures, but I had to get them on here!

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