Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Settled

If Gavin sleeping through the night is any indication of how much he likes the house, then I'd say he loves it! He slept through the night the past two nights. Yesterday morning he had more brown spit up, but this morning he didn't have any! Happy mama this morning!

As of yesterday, we officially have every "piece" to our home. Our washer & dryer were delivered last night! Can I get a "Hallelujah"? Man, having a baby with reflux means lots of dirty clothes, bibs, and burp rags. We were down to one clean burp rag, and were getting very creative with his outfit choices. As of this morning, all of Gavin's clothes are clean!

Sadly, this blog has lost some of it's luster due to the lack of Gavin pictures. I had been posting them from home before we moved, and since we don't have internet at home, I do my blogging at work. Gasp!!! Oh, calm down...I do it all during my lunch break. :) Hoping to bring my camera and cord tomorrow to put up some pictures of the littlest man in my home.

To sum it up the week thus far has been great! We even got to open the windows to let the spring air fly through. I have joked that Gavin will never know what outside is like since its always cold. It looks like we may have a turn in the tides here, folks! Fingers crossed!

Dreaming of putting my feet in the grass, and possibly a lake sometime soon!

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