Wednesday, July 30, 2014


On my day off from work, Gavin and I spent the morning with my wonderful friend - Erin. 
Even won a prize (first time ever) from the arcade. No - I didn't spend my own mulah on it - the waitress gave Gavin 2 free tokens.
Winner-winner, chicken dinner!
Pool time - doesn't get much better than this!
Ok - I'll be honest, he doesn't have a love for the water. 
We are getting there though.
A boy and his blanket.
He loves his ducky blanket - a big thanks to Prenatal Partners for Life 
for giving it to him!

He is such a big kid now! He loves holding his own nebulizer mask in the morning.
Smooooshed face! I sneak in to watch him sleep on a regular basis. 
I think that is a normal thing for moms to do, right?
Happy potty training boy! Even in the mornings - what an amazing kid we have!

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