Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Five years have passed...

...since we said I do.

A lot has changed, yet I wouldn't change a thing.
I love him more than I ever thought possible, and I know the same story will be true five years from now.
We have learned more about each other than we ever thought necessary.
Together we have trekked through some pretty thick weeds of selfishness, discontentment, and misunderstandings.
With God as our guide, we are working on making less of the selfish mistakes.

In five years we have taken on our titles as husband and wife, and I will be grateful for the rest of my time on earth for the man who calls me his wife.
We have seen each other at our worst, and at our absolute best.
I have learned to leave my parents, and cling to him. It wasn't easy - but it was necessary. Side-note: Thank you to my parents for pointing me to him when I was seeking your advice. It was a habit that was hard to break, but alas! I have done it.
We have lived in a third floor apartment with no elevator. I like to think carrying up bags of groceries strengthened our bond - and our muscles.
Been through multiple doctor/ER visits with each other. I think God was prepping us for Gavin.
Survived 5 seasons of the Huskers, WILD, and Vikings not doing so well. If we made it through that, we can get through anything right?
Together we rode the roller coaster of a crazy pregnancy. Joys and pain marked our journey for easy recall in the future. He held me in my darkest days, and never let go.
He held my hand as we welcomed our firstborn into this crazy world. Seeing the love of my life with our son still pulls my heart in relentless ways. He is beyond amazing with Gavin - the laughter I hear coming from the other room is more than I can ask as a mom and wife.

Together we bought our first house, and have made it our home.

With God as our leader, we founded LifeSong Ministry - and have loved every minute of it.

He has pointed me to God when I needed it, encouraged me when I was defeated, and shown me love that I never thought would be mine. He knows when I say "I'm fine", that I'm not really "fine". When I need an extra push or tough love - he's my guy. He's my realist - I'm his optimist. He is fine spending days by himself in solitude - I'd go nuts and need to be with people. He loves to cook and is FAR better than I - for I burn the food when it is taking too long, he is patient and cooks it just right. He sees the big picture, I see the details. I am emotionally driven, and he is factually driven. He is the bread to my butter - the beat in my heart. The love of my life.

Happy 5 years good lookin'! Here's to 70 more!

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