Monday, December 9, 2013

LifeSong Ministry

It is official - our vision for a NICU ministry has been set in motion. On November 1, 2013, we formed our non-profit organization. We hope to reach many with the love of Christ, and to bring some comfort to families spending days and months in the NICU.

A couple Saturdays ago, Jason's sweet family came to help assemble 55 care packages. They contained items that we found to be helpful (notepads, healthy snacks, water bottles, etc.) when we were in the NICU. No one expects to have a NICU baby, and often essential items are left at home. Among the "helpful" items were the most adorable handmade blankets, smocks, and hats you ever did see! All made by family and friends!

We delivered 46 care packages on the Sunday after they were packaged. I was blessed to walk around with our favorite charge nurse to deliver the packages to each baby. The first nursery we stopped in was Nursery 5. It was Gavin's first home - and I struggled to not break down. So many emotions were held in that room, the ups and downs. Books read to an unconscious baby. The first time holding, feeding, and praying for him. Almost too much to bare. But then I remembered where we are now - and was filled with JOY!

As we made our way around the nurseries, parents with weary faces, much like ours were, smiled back at me. One mom gave me the biggest hug - she had just delivered twins a week before, just starting out on the NICU journey. Others wanted to know if Gavin was "normal" now, and OH I remember those feelings. There was only dreams of a one day healthy baby. Dreams that you feared would never become reality. Thankfully ours did become reality, and I was able to share with them that he is doing well now!

We couldn't have asked for a better first home for Gavin (besides our own of course). Our hearts have so much love for all of the NICU doctors, nurses, and other staff. Thank you to the University of Minnesota for giving Gavin the best possible start to life.

Thanks to so many of our friends, family, and co-workers who donated their time, money, and crafting abilities! Without you it wouldn't have been possible!

Cart full of goodies
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