Friday, December 13, 2013

Difference in a Year

Last year this time we were packing our hospital bag to distract ourselves. Little did we know that 2 days later we would be needing it, and a day after that we would deliver our little 4lb 8oz sweet boy.

Gavin mid-December 2012
I remember my first outing after having Gavin like it was yesterday. It was to Target. If you know me at all, it was a very fitting choice, as 1/2 of every paycheck goes there - right Jason?
We searched for items that we felt were necessary for our days in the NICU, but how does one know what they will need? We also went to find a stocking for our babe, hopefully an ornament, and a few Christmas presents. As I shuffled around in my yoga pants and slippers, exhausted from the c-section (quite what a vision I know), I was overwhelmed. Two days before Christmas, in a neighborhood that was unfamiliar, and quite frankly a bit scary...Jason and I looked at each other and knew it was time to call it a day at Target. We headed for checkout, our cart filled with more yoga pants, nursing bras, snacks, MN WILD onesies, and a stocking for our baby.
Gavin mid-December 2013
This stocking looks a little different this year, don't you agree? The Lord has been so faithful to us. Even when years and age have taken my memory, I hope I never forget those days. I pray that I never forget how faithful the Lord has been and will be.

Christmas may look a little different this year, but the heart of it will always remain the same. Christ came, as a baby in humble circumstances - for you and for me. Make time for HIM this season!

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