Sunday, September 28, 2014

Myself at 20

Riding to work this week they posed the question "What advice would you give yourself when you were 20?" Well since that was almost 10 years ago, I feel that I am wiser and could give some fairly good advice to that younger gal (if she will only listen)!
Sweet, young innocence - hadn't faced many trials at this point.
  • Don't take yourself to seriously. Laughing at yourself doesn't mean you have failed, it means you are comfortable with who you are.
  • You won't get the stomach flu as often as you think - quit worrying about it! Seriously - I gave myself an ulcer from worrying about throwing up.
  • Piggy backing off of that - GET OVER other people throwing up. You are going to have a son who throws up. Daily. All OVER!
  • It isn't necessary to always have a man in your life. Find your worth in the Lord. Let go - and just at the right time, you will find that one man you can't live without.
  • You are going to face trials that you never could have imagined. Things that your 20yr-old self didn't think were possible. Let me tell you though, you will get through them with the help of the Lord and come out better on the other side.
  • Cherish time with the people you love most. It is those family members and friends that will be by your side whenever you need them.
  • You'll miss that gray Oldsmobile you are driving around. That baby was a couch on wheels - enjoy it. They don't make cars that way anymore.
  • Compliment other girls! It's a GOOD thing - we really need each other and often times a compliment can turn someone's day around. (Recent discovery, but I think my 20-yr old self needs to hear it).
  • Don't wish your days away, hoping for "someday". Your someday is NOW. Live it - because before you know it, you'll be plucking out greys, cleaning up after your (almost) two-year old, and wanting time to SLOW DOWN.
What advice would you give your 20-something self?

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