Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My heartbeat

My sweet boy, you have changed everything with your twinkling eyes and ability to sweetly talk.

I would do anything for you,
When you are big, you won't remember any of these things, and I may forget some with time, but you need to know that

In the mornings I hold you while I do my make-up, just so I get more time with you.
You rub your forehead against mine, back and forth - it's our thing. Yours and mine.

You whisper, and when you do - I listen intently. For your sweet voice will someday be deeper and louder.
You would rather chew your books than read them, but you don't chew "Brown Bear, Brown Bear - what do you see?" - That one one special to you.

When you hold anything that is soft, you automatically put it up to your cheek and rub it there.
When I pick you up from daycare you get the biggest smile for me.
After naps or in the morning hours, we snuggle. Those moments are ours.
(Don't tell daddy, but I secretly love getting up with you on the weekends.)

I love that you pat my back when I pick you up, and you hold tight when you are scared or nervous.
You LOVE chasing daddy around the island in the kitchen. The squeals you make send my heart a'soaring!
I have snuck in your room long after you have gone asleep, just to rock you a little longer.

You see little man, you are a life changer. For both your dad and I. 
We see things differently, and cherish each day with you. 

Whatever Friday's MRI brings, whatever surgeries you may need, no matter what Gavin Lee - we will be here with you. For always.

Love - momma.

Watching daddy scoop snow. Next year you can help!

This look right here - that's trouble!!!

You are so handsome Gavin! 

4:30am we had an intruder.

A VERY cute intruder!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful words! And your little one is adorable. What a sweet testament to him to look back on someday!