Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life according to the iPhone

My stars! How is January behind us already??? I can't believe it - and yet, I am feeling a tid bit glad to say farewell to those bitterly cold days. We made the most of them though, even if the time was all spent indoors. Here is a little glimpse into our lives.

Sick little boy.
Pneumonia - once again...
Ready to get that IV out
Can you spot him?
Now that he is crawling, we never know where he will go.
Who doesn't love little baby legs? Swoon.
"Yes son, you may have whatever you want!"
His new "Cheese" face.
So long Paci - Puppy is all the rage now.
Unofficial - "Bring your baby to work day."
All that hard work - time for a movie!
NO nap=sleeping in the jumperoo!

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