Sunday, September 22, 2013

The ones I love

I am finally getting around to adding my trip from Nebraska so just hang with me.

Labor Day weekend we decided to FINALLY make a trip to introduce Gavin to my sweet family. Oh how I wish we lived closer, but the distance makes the trips all the more special.

Here are some of my favorites:
King of the king bed.
Thinks he is royal already.
Gavin traveled EXTREMELY well! He slept 6hrs to the Nebraska border, slept all night in the hotel, woke up talked/slept 3hrs to my hometown. On the way back he did the same thing! What a blessing!
He is loved so well by his Auntie Tracy!
She is one of the godly women I hope to model motherhood after!

He loved meeting his great aunt Joleen. I think the feelings were mutual.
I spent so much of my childhood with her and she is still sweet, loving, and GREAT with kids!
Instant bond. Love you Aunt Joleen!

One of my heros - my Uncle Verny
 Verny is in the battle of his life with cancer. He has put so much into perspective. When life should be dragging him down, he bravely marches forward. As he put it "I could go out on the highway and get in an accident. Just take life one day at a time. If your name is in the good Lord's book, you go when HE calls you home." Thank you for the witness you are to so many! You are, and forever will be, one of my greatest heros!
This picture bring tears. Gavin just sat in his lap, staring into his eyes.
He is usually so squirmy.
Not in this moment - he was still, just taking it all in.
These are the moments money can't buy. Love you Uncle Verny!
Spending time with his beautiful cousin, Megan. Isn't she just gorgeous!
Look at that tan. In my dreams I look like that!
Gavin was introduced to so many new people and in my attempts to spend time with them too, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to. But here are some more:
How wonderful to be back in Husker land!
We were blessed to watch some Husker football with uncle Rod & aunt Kathy!
The first time Gavin met Amanda he was 2 days old.
How things have changed! Love you Mandy - so glad we got to see you!

Cuddle time with his Great Aunt Deanna!
I love her smile - such a sweet woman of God!

Someone loved Cassidy's pink shirt - like slobbered ALL over it.
Sorry Cass! So great to see you - miss you!

The newly weds. We were surprised by their impromptu trip to see us too!
You completed our trip!

Buddies? I think so!

Our gracious hosts - Rod & Kathy.
Thanks so much for making us feel so comfortable and loved!
I think Jason & I put on a pound or two!
Konked out in the hotel. Trip - complete!
We had a wonderful trip and can't wait to go back! Love you Nebraska/Kansas family!

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