Monday, September 16, 2013

How can it be?

My baby boy is already 9 months! I feel like a typical mom saying that - but it really has flown! Especially considering that I never even let myself think of him being this old for fear of losing him. God is bigger than my fears though - He is more powerful than we could ever imagine - and He loves us more deeply than we will ever know.

Today Gavin is spending the entire day with his grandma - as you can tell from this picture he is having a blast! Thanks for watching him mom!
Day with Grandma & his jumperoo -
makes him Happy, Happy, Happy!
Gavin has his favorite toys still - his Sophie Giraffe, his gray puppy, and his pacifier (not a toy - but it entertains him to no end!) I pray he never loses his innocent wonder when he comes across new things. He makes new faces each day - this is one of my favorites:

He is not sitting unassisted yet, but he is so close! If he is focused on a toy or a person he will sit still, but once he loses focus he will start to lean. He loved sitting in his laundry basket yesterday while I got ready for church.
I can't get enough of my sweet boy!
He is my precious gift. When Gavin was in the hospital his uncle Tony wrote out Gavin's name like this:

He may not be a newborn anymore, but he is still awesome, and still inspires me daily. Most of all - he is still God's boy.
My sweet Gavin, I pray that we will be able to teach you about the love your Abba Father has for you. For his love is deep and it's wide. It looks past mistakes and sees His children. I pray for the day that you accept Him as your Savior, and will teach you about Him until then.
My wide-eyed wonder

I love you my sweet buboo!
Love, mamma

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