Monday, October 17, 2016

My Morning Glory

Oh my Britton - my Morning Glory.

You are different from your brother in every way possible. Neither of you is wrong, you just approach life in very different ways. It is a beautiful thing to be your mom, and I am so thankful for every second!

Oh how I love the way you are wild.

The glimmer in your eyes says more than you know. You are constantly looking for something new, and always on the go. If baby-proofing wasn't in existence, it would be after you! My darling, it isn't a bad thing - you are determined & motivated. Never lose that!

Oh how I adore your wrinkly nose.

When you see someone who smiles at you, you smile back. When you see someone you know, like really know - you wrinkle your nose with your smile. A sort of sign of recognition - and I love it!

Oh how I am thankful for the way you eat.

If it is on your tray, you eat it. Ok, sometimes even if it isn't on your tray (and isn't edible) you eat it. Oh, and we all adore how you "nom, nom, nom" your food. It is our dinner music, and a compliment to the chef. I would be okay if you'd eventually stop eating non-edible things...but I think we may be working on that for a while. Speaking of...I need to get rail pads for your crib.

Oh how I love that I found my outdoor loving soulmate.

If you could be outside all day, everyday you would be! Even a trip to the mailbox brightens your mood. Actually, even a glance outside is enough to bring a squeal & a few new "love prints" on my windows.

And oh how I have a love/hate with you daring spirit.

Whether it is taking a nose dive off the couch (don't worry, daddy & mommy are there to catch her), or cruising furniture - moving from couch to coffee table, or perhaps standing in the middle of the room for more than 15 seconds. It is amazing watching you rapidly developing into a toddler. I know I have said "slow down" on multiple occasions, and "be careful" is a phrase used daily, ok - hourly...

You climb up stairs, stand up in the bath, and do pull-ups on our kitchen table. You want so badly to be a big kid.

But could you please slow down, for me?

Two kids. So very different, yet so very loved.

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