Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sleep. Glorious Sleep!

Just thought I would let y'all know that G. technically "slept through the night" last night. 6 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Now I know that this probably won't be the norm every night, but we will certainly take it when we can get it. He woke with the most adorable smile on his face when I went to get him out of the crib. That leads me to believe that he enjoyed the sleep just as much as we did.

In other news, G. is 10 lbs 3.5 oz! He is slowing growing out of newborn sizes, depending on the brand. His smiles are sometimes accompanied with a giggle and he is stealing more and more of my heart! Who would have thought that was possible!?

It is 42 and sunny here in the great white (melting) north. We are looking forward to a trip to Grandma & Grandpa's this weekend to celebrate Easter! It will be G.'s first road trip. Eek! Prayers for a safe & non-screaming trip would be appreciated.

Now to pack for a weekend away from home. much can I cram in a suitcase for the little bugger?!

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